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    In areas where a DA and a Footway Usage Application (FA) are required for outdoor dining, only the DA is exhibited. In areas where a DA is not required, only the FA is exhibited.
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    Within certain City areas other consent authorities are responsible for determining development proposals.

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Application number Address Description Lodged date Decision Estimated cost Exhibition close date
166-170 Broadway CHIPPENDALE NSW 2008 Use 51sqm of the public footways on Broadway and Shepherd Street Plaza for outdoor dining in asso... 21/04/22 $0 20/05/22
114-126 Bourke Street WOOLLOOMOOLOO NSW 2011 PAN-211474 S4.55(2) - Modification of consent to amend conditon 2 - Hours of Operation - Sensitiv... 06/04/22 $200,000 20/05/22
101-115 Victoria Street POTTS POINT NSW 2011 Alterations to Unit 38 including internal changes, new windows and doors to balconies. 26/04/22 $107,937 20/05/22
1-33 Saunders Street PYRMONT NSW 2009 PAN-215784 Change in use of the existing Level 1 private car park within Building A to a commerci... 21/04/22 $34,282 20/05/22
48 Regent Street REDFERN NSW 2016 PAN-210590 S4.55(1A) - Modification of the existing consent for a boarding house. Changes include... 01/04/22 $3,086,000 20/05/22
12 Macquarie Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 PAN-220358 Installation of temporary artwork at Hyde Park Barracks for 7 weeks plus bump in and b... 04/05/22 $729,300 20/05/22
5-9A Roslyn Street POTTS POINT NSW 2011 Alterations and additions to commercial buildings including replacing doors and windows, installi... 03/05/22 $10,000 20/05/22
46-46B Darlinghurst Road POTTS POINT NSW 2011 Use 18sqm of outdoor dining area on the public footway of Darlinghurst Road with 9 tables, 18 cha... 04/05/22 $0 20/05/22
38 Maddison Street REDFERN NSW 2016 PAN-202737 Alterations and additions to residential development including the extension of the gr... 10/03/22 $550,000 20/05/22
895-899 Bourke Street WATERLOO NSW 2017 PAN-211656 S4.55(2) - Modification of the eixsting consent for the demolition of existing structu... 14/04/22 $21,692,835 20/05/22
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