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14-16 Mount Street PYRMONT NSW 2009
4.55 (2) amendment to modify conditions of consent relating to hours of construction for a multi-dwelling development. Currently, construction activities are limited to between 7.30am and 5.30pm on Mondays to Fridays, inclusive, and 7.30am and 3.30pm on Saturdays, with no work carried out on Sundays or public holidays. The proposal seeks allow internal work (prior to installation of windows and external doors) between 7.30 am and 10pm Monday to Saturday; internal work (after installation of windows and external doors) 24 hours, 7 days; and underground carpark works 24 hours, 7 days.
Approved with Conditions
Delegated Authority - Council/LPP/CSPC to Officer
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26/02/20 12/03/20
Single DA on Multiple Properties Single DA on Single Property Multiple DAs on Multiple Properties Multiple DAs on Single Property
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