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4 Coneill Place FOREST LODGE NSW 2037
APPLICATION BEEN RE-NOTIFIED FOLLOWING SUBMISSION TO COUNCIL OF AMENDED PLANS AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS. Changes include: The ground floor levels have been raised by 200mm (from RL3,300 to RL3,500) to achieve freeboard above flood levels, the height of the dwellings has been reduced by providing a flat roof rather than a pitched roof, reducing the ground floor ceiling height from 3m to 2.7m and the first floor ceiling height from 2.8m to 2.4m. The southern elevation facing the streetscape has been amended to recess the proposed garages. An open style fence is provided at the northern and western boundaries fence to allow for overland flow in the event of a flood event (with an approx. 200mm gap at the bottom of the fence). The application is no longer required to be determined by the City’s Local Planning Panel, given the height of the dwellings does not exceed the height control by a margin that is greater than 25%. As such, the application can now be determined under delegated authority. Amendments that have previously been notified include: Dwelling 4A is setback further from the site boundary and in line with dwelling 4B. A landscaped area is provided within the front setback and an existing street tree is shown as being retained. A single driveway is retained for use by both dwellings. An arboricultural impact assessment has been provided to address the retention of the street tree and exploratory root investigations and pruning specifications for other named trees. The original proposal involves: The demolition of an existing dwelling, subdivision of the land into 2 lots and construction of 2 x 2 storey detached dwellings with swimming pools.
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11/06/19 03/07/19
23/10/19 07/11/19
22/01/20 06/02/20
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