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77-93 Portman Street ZETLAND NSW 2017
Detailed Proposal for excavation, remediation, construction of shared 3 level basement, 3 mixed use residential flat buildings with ground floor retail (Buildings A, B and C) and 1 residential flat building (Building D), and landscaping and public domain works at Site 15 in the Green Square Town Centre. Building A is 23 storeys containing 154 apartments. Building B is 12 storeys containing 128 apartments. Building C is 12 storeys containing 45 apartments. Building D is 7 storeys containing 27 apartments. The application is Integrated Development requiring the approval of Water NSW under the Water Management Act 2000.
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29/05/18 29/06/18
Single DA on Multiple Properties Single DA on Single Property Multiple DAs on Multiple Properties Multiple DAs on Single Property
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