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960A Bourke Street ZETLAND NSW 2017
RE-NOTIFICATION OF AMENDED PLANS - Mixed use development on Site 7 and 17 within Green Square Town Centre comprising one 16 storey and one 13 storey building (plus roof plant) with retail, commercial and residential uses. The 16 storey building includes additional entertainment (cinema) uses/facilities. The proposal includes a total of 194 residential apartments, associated landscaping, a ground level loading dock, end of trip facilities and use of an integrated basement for 128 car parking spaces (construction of the basement is subject of a separate development application). The main changes include a reduction by 1 storey (Site 7) and 1 residential unit, internal layout changes, an additional 14 car parking spaces, significant external design changes, and a new colour and materials palette.
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29/11/18 18/01/19
16/05/17 15/06/17
Single DA on Multiple Properties Single DA on Single Property Multiple DAs on Multiple Properties Multiple DAs on Single Property
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